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Male Escorts and Male Massages AdultWork VIP

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What women REALLY want from Male escorts who offer ‘Shades of Grey’ experience why clients pay 5,000 pounds for sex.

When it comes to what the women want in bed, some men are clueless Male escorts male massages.

However for Coventry-based male escort Mark, its his job to know how to please a woman.

Mr Mark charges from 400 to 6,000 pounds for his professional services, which can include anything from an hour in a hotel to weekends away.

And unlike with many men who see female escorts, he said that most women aren’t just focused on sex when they’re booking an male escort.

Pretty much every single client that I see theres some companionship element to the booking he told us.

From what I see, men are more focused on the sexual side of things. Women are focused on the sex too, they wouldnt come to see me without it, but we spend a lot of time talking as well.

Our male escort said that most people would be surprised at the range of women he sees as clients.

Many of the women I see could easily go to a bar and pick a guy up and have sex that way, he explained. But they want a difference experience.

Sometimes its that theyve been recently divorced, or theyre still married but havent been intimate in a long time. Ive had clients who are couples who want a threesome, and women who are virgins.

He said that theres a range of ages of the women who see him too. The youngest client Ive had was 20, our male escort explained.  Its rarer for a client to be in their 20s but still happens regularly.

He said that generally women dont have specific fantasies they want played out by an escort.

Clients say to me that with a lot of sexual encounters they have the guy makes it about him, he comes and then its over. They want the focus to be on them. Many do like reciprocating, but they want their pleasure to be in focus the male escort explained.

Whilst he says he does do a little bit of light bondage for clients – which he calls the ‘Shades of Grey’ experience – mostly women need some guidance and dont know exactly what they want.

‘I do a four hour dinner date experience, that’s quite popular. Or they might book me for a weekend and we’ll get a hotel in the city, see a show at the Opera House.’

Our male escort said that there’s definitely still a stigma about women seeing escorts, and that some women are very secretive about it, whilst he’s had others who are very open about paying for sex.

The way I describe seeing an escort is any girl could go into a bar and ask a guy to go back to hers and get a back massage. A lot of guys would say yes,’ he said.

‘But he’s not a massage therapist. She might enjoy it, but he’s not a professional. If you want a certain sexual experience, it’s much harder to find exactly what you want, but an escort can provide that.’

And he’s in hot demand. Our male escort says he’s not taking any new clients at the moment because he’s booked up by his regulars.

‘I had three regulars book seven days worth of work in a eight day period,’ he said.  ‘I had a 24 hour job, a 15 hour job and a 5 day job with only one day to rest in between.’

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