Keilah Grey: The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done?

Last summer I decided to go in Mykonos ,Greece to work as a pool dancer (this kind of thing is not for me at all or maybe I didn t find the right people to have fun with).Anyway ,after few days I was so dissapointed as nothing waa as I wished so I decided to go to the beach.I wasn t in the mood for fun but suddenly the MC asked where a i from.I told him then he started to oen the party by sayin that romanian girls are there ready to party . I started to dance on the table .Sudenly,a group of guys asked me to dance for one of their firends as he s getting married .I was agree .What can I say ?For the first time in my life I found out how it feels to have a shower with champagne ! It was crazy and fun.I ll remember that day for the rest of my life !

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